2 Jul 2010

Buttered Shrimp

I used to post the recipes in my flickr account (oh by the way, I am also trying photography), but now I'm importing them one by one so I can have a big compilation of the recipes I've tried! Yay!

This one is my hubby's and my son's favorite, the buttered shrimp. Before, i used to put extra butter to make it saucy, because they like to put the sauce in their rice. But to lessen the cholesterol intake, I add olive oil instead of butter. Aside from the benefit that you get from this oil, it also adds flavor to the dish. The garlicky-buttery taste of the shrimp will make you ask for more rice.

This dish is actually yummy...and very easy to make.


12 pcs or about 250grams of shrimp, preferably suahe (Greasyback shrimp)

6 cloves of garlic
1/2 stick butter
about 2 tbsp olive oil
1tbsp banana catsup (for color)
Salt and pepper

1. Over medium heat, put butter and olive oil in a pan.
2. Once the butter has melted, add the garlic and sauté until light brown.
3. Add the shrimps, catsup, salt and pepper. Cook until the shrimps turned pink or orange.

Serves 3.

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