25 Jul 2010

Kid Friendly Meal: Cheesy Vegetables

My last two posts will be about vegetables. These are my boys' favorite and again, super easy to make and I'm sure your family will also like these, specially your picky eaters.

The first one is the Cheesy Vegetables. Everyone I know loves cheese and that includes my family! I got this recipe from my mom-in-law, and I introduced this to my son, as soon as he learned how to eat solid food. 

This recipe is basically just a buttered vegetable. The addition of the cheese made this dish kid friendly. 

Best served with fried dishes and rice.

1 large carrot, cut in cubes
1 large potato, cut in cubes
half of a medium sized head of cauliflower, cut into small florets.
about 10 pieces, Baguio beans, cut into thirds
2-3 tbsps butter
about half a cup of grated cheddar cheese
salt, adjust according to taste

1. Steam carrot and potato. When half cooked, add the cauliflowers and baguio beans. Transfer the vegetables into a bowl once you achieved the desired doneness of the vegetables. I like our's to be half cooked.

2. While the vegetables are steaming hot, add the butter and season with little salt. You have to go easy on the salt, since cheese will still be added. We do not want to have salty veggies, right?

3. Add the grated cheese, mix until well incorporated...you can add more if you like!

4. Taste and adjust the salt.

That's my son's plate in the picture. The vegetable was served with the humble galunggong.

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