23 Aug 2010

Cookbooks and Food Magazines

Maybe you are wondering where in this world am I getting all these recipes. Some of them came from the internet... from my favorite food blogs and websites. And some from my mini collection of cookbooks and yummy magazines.

Let me share you my precious collection.

1. Booksale rocks!! This is where I bought my hardbound cookbooks. Prices range from PhP55-150, cheap eh? You just need to browse everything in the shelves ala ukay ukay shopping! These are my buys from the bookstore...

1. Muffin Cookbook - PhP145.00
2. Philadelphia Ultimate Cheesecakes - PhP90.00
3. Healthy Cooking for Your Kids - PhP55.00

The Cupcake Deck, P125.00, With 25 cupcake recipes inside
2. Baking Cookbooks from National Bookstores and gift from my sis. I haven't tried any recipes from these though. Soon...soon.
Taste of Home Fall Baking, gift from sis; Best Ever Chocolate Cakes & Slices and Classic Essential Cakes, both from National Bookstore

My Complete Cookie Jar, gift from my sis! I love this book!
3. For main dishes, here are my cookbooks...

Let's Cook with Nora, P295.00; and Sarap, both from National Bookstore
       I love my "Let's Cook with Nora" cookbook! My favorite is the sweet and sour pork! The taste of the dish is like the authentic one, coz it has this chinese-y taste Hehehe! I know it's easy to cook this even without the cookbook, but promise, the recipe is so good! OA but true!
Quick and Easy and Cuisine Weeknight Menus, gift from my sis
I haven't tried any dish from the two above, you know my picky eaters are not use to those herbs and spices...so I still have yet to introduce them to those H&S. So goodluck to me!

4. Collection of Yummy Magazine, "kanya-kanyang trip to" hahah! Every first week of the month, I make sure to buy this magazine. I only buy from Robinsons Department Stores, not because the magazine is not available elsewhere, but it's where I'm working! I have to buy from the company that feeds me! haha! If only my friend Pats can read this, she'll be proud of me! hahahah!

Yummy Magazines, P125.00, Robinsons Department Stores 
 5. And lastly, don't laugh please! hhehehe I have been wanting this I swear! And because it's a bit pricey I did not buy it. But instead, I (with my fingers crossed) included this in our Christmas wishlist 2 years(?) ago. We were ask to write 3 gifts that we want to receive on our christmas party so the "mommy" will not have a hard time choosing what gift we will like. I wrote a lock and lock food keeper, another low-priced option and this book. I expected to get the food keeper, but no...when I opened my gift, I saw this...


You know what? Because of this book I was able to shed 18lbs! hahha! Eh what happened? Why am i still fat (huhuhu)? Coz i got tired of waking up early to prepare my food. Next year, I'll try this diet again...weh di nga?

To all foodies out there, hope you enjoyed reading my short kwento (story)!


Ryza said...

hehehe...meron ako nung last...South Beach...hirap naman eh kasi yung ingredients madalas wala dito or ayaw ko...wahehehe...eto tuloy ako....ganun pa rin

iCyLiCioUs said...

hay naku, we have to adjust the recipe talaga... hahaha