7 Jul 2011

Mochi Buns

These korean mochi buns are crunchy outside but super chewy inside. This is because of the glutinous rice flour included in the ingredients. It's like having fried "palitaw" with a twist. Best serve with condensed milk...

First tasted this in Chicken Park Petron Eastwood. They are selling these at P20.00 (?) each. For the dip, you can choose condensed milk or chocolate syrup. We chose the condensed milk and the combination is to die for. Actually, i suddenly remembered my nutribun-condensed milk combo that i had when i was in grade school...hehehe!

My officemate found the mochi bun mix from the grocery, tried it and here's the end-product.


Here's the box of the mochi bun mix, i just can't read the brand heheh!
image courtesy of happyhomebaking.blogspot.com


p. cook said...

"Fried palitaw" - I so want to try that :)

aplonie said...

wow! mouth watering!